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Sumup card reader discount code
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Sumup card reader discount code

Have you ever missed a sale because you couldn’t take payment from your customer? Get the latest Sumup card reader discounts here.

Solo Sum Up
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Sum Up Solo Has Arrived

Introducing the latest card reader from Sum Up.
New card reader, same low costs.
Level up your business with Solo, their most advanced all-in-one payment solution yet.

compare card reader prices and fees
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Are you a SumUp restricted business?

Are you a restricted business? We were asked this morning to check out why a business might have been restricted by us. Like all banks or financial institutions there are unfortunately rules which we also have to adhere to.

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Compare Card Reader Prices and Fees

Compare Card Reader Prices and Fees.

We all know that card readers and electronic transactions are now an important part of business. No one wants to miss a payment because they don’t have a card reader.

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