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3 Easy Steps Connect SumUp to Your Shopify Store

3 Easy Steps Connect SumUp to Your Shopify Store

3 Easy Steps Connect SumUp to Your Shopify Store

If you’re an entrepreneur and run an online store, you need to keep up with technology. SumUp and Shopify are two well-known e-commerce platforms that help merchants accept different types of payments and manage their business on the go, but you may be wondering how you can connect them together. Don’t worry! This article will walk you through three simple steps on how to connect your SumUp account to your Shopify store.

Step 1: Connect your Shopify store

If you’re looking to connect your Shopify store to your SumUp account, you’re in luck! It’s a quick and easy process that can be completed in just a few steps. Here’s what you need to do:

Our software is designed to be fast to deploy and easy to use, with functionality that usually requires expensive integrations.

Following purchase of your SumUp POS (Point of Sale) system which is currently on special offer for new clients find out more HERE.

You would then connect things up seamlessly using an app. Goodtill provides a Shopify app for syncing products and stock levels with Goodtill. The App to connect the two can be found using the link below.

This feature requires the E-commerce module, this module can be added to your account once the onboarding process is complete. If you need more advice regarding onboarding and what that entails please message us HERE we’d love to help.

What do you need to get started?


*A SumUp POS (point of sale) account with the E-commerce module enabled. Once you have signed up to a SumUp POS account.  You do this by emailing to add this module to your account.

*Your SumUp POS back office login details.

*The SumUp POS Stock Sync app. Found HERE.

Step 2: Sync your Shopify products with SumUp POS (Point of Sale)

SumUp Point of Sale System

If you have a Shopify store SumUp provides the Shopify app, the purpose which enables you to sync products and stock levels along with your SumUp Point of Sale.

If you are creating a new Shopify store or already have a Shopify store, the app allows direct importing of all your SumUp POS products, or a subsection of products, into your Shopify store ready for sale.

The benefits of doing this is that you will sync your stocks across your Goodtill by SumUp POS and Shopify platform. 

You’ll be able to ensure that if you make any changes on your Goodtill POS, it will be updated on your Shopify integration, ensuring accurate stock levels at all times.

The Benefits for you:

Automate the importing of your products from Goodtill to Shopify.

Centralize your POS (point of sale) solution.

Speed up your work processes.

Prevent any overselling through synced stock levels.

How it actually works
goodtill and shopify sumup app

You would use your SumUp POS (point of sale) Goodtill as your main source of information regarding your stock/product levels.

This means when you update your products/stock, you do so from your Goodtill/SumUp POS. This will automatically update it for you in your Shopify store. Any returns and cancellations will then update as well.

Step 3: Add your SumUp account as your payment method for your Shopify store.

To get on board with SumUp if you haven’t already, first purchase your chosen Sum Up device.

The SumUp Air, and the SumUp Solo are both great choices, you can purchase them at a promotional price HERE.

We currently have an offer for new SumUp POS (point of sale) customers with 60% off. This includes hardware. You can find out more information and avail of this offer HERE

If you need more information, please fill out the online form HERE and someone will get back to you.

If you have any questions please get in touch with our support team at or via Facebook messenger HERE. You can also tweet us @manxbydesign on Twitter! If you have a Shopify store, it’s easy to connect your store with your Sum Up account. In fact, connecting will enable you to take advantage of features like instant refunds and all the other extras which come with SumUp. Such as Free Invoicing / Accounting Software and a Free Online Store.

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