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Business Banking with SumUp

how to open a business bank account with SumUp

Business banking your way with a SumUp Business Account

Simple – Affordable business banking let you focus on what’s important – running your business – so you can leave the hassle of transaction processing to us!

Lower Fees – Offering low fees on all our products, services and prices as well as a 24/7/365 customer service makes us a top choice for any type of project – even if it’s something you haven’t thought about yet.

All Payment Types – SumUp is dedicated to offering a payment solution for every type of customer – no matter how they want to pay you.

What’s Included – Only 1.69% per Transaction Fee (that’s it)!
No other handling fees, or monthly fees.
Free Accounting Software
Free Invoicing
Free Online Store
Free Data For Card Readers
Free Data to Process Payments
Save Time with Payment Links
Pay With A QR Code
Invoicing Made Easy
Connect to your website.
Connect to a Shopify Store using SumUp POS.
Process Payments Straight Into Your preferred Bank. Or, keep within your SumUp Business Account.
Purchase a card reader and/or sign up today to avail of all of the above. Any questions please ask.

See our latest offers below, a sign up today, purchase your device and access a great business bank account fast.
Get onboard today, No contracts, No monthly fees, Only £19!


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